30 November 2008

Music is my boyfriend - Set List - 28th November

On behalf of Jonny and Neil, thank you all who came down on Friday night. It was a brilliant night and you helped raise £1k towards Amyloidosis. And thank you Jonny and Neil for letting me DJ.

Heres what I can remember from my setlist...

Gossip Folks - Missy Elliott feat Ludacris
Got to get thru this - Daniel Bedingfield.
Who's that girl - Eve
Milkshake - Kelis
Lip Gloss - Lil Mama
21 seconds - So Solid Crew
Whine Up - Kat Deluna feat Elephant Man
Spin me more - Britney Spears vs Dead or Alive (Team9 Mash-up)
D.A.N.C.E - Justice
Music is my hot hot sex - CSS (The Slips remix)
Drop it like it's hot - Snoop Dogg (DJ Mickell remix)
4 2 Night - Red Blooded Women
Heartbroken - T2 feat Jodie Aysha
All over your face - Cazwell.

I think that's all of it...

17 November 2008

Told you...

It seems not so long ago I wrote my first post about finally breaking the tedious boredom that I find in blogging. Let's be honest, it's not for everyone. But it's been almost three month and this time round I am determined to focus and actually post something a little more worth while.

So the relaunch, focussing more on my passion for music, introducing interesting bands and acts from Londons' finest music scenes and bringing the freshest remixes from the hottest DJ's the world has to offer (yes, it does appear I have just shallowed an entire BBC Radio 1 script) and to stop focussing on my life (come on, like you guys actually care who I am and what I am doing?)

So bring on the rantings, the reviews and the damn right ugly for a music fest for the beautifully disorderly and the drunkenly passionate.

12 August 2008


Ok ok, so a little bit of self promotion can go a long way, aye? Well let's try it.

After a few years I have decided to throw myself back into DJing, no mean feat, considering I haven't touched decks in a number of years, but determined I first threw myself back into it at my birthday back in May, completing an eccletic, albeit very drunken set.

But I have been tightening up my technique at home and hopefully I am now ready to get back behind those decks.

Please download my Mixtape and leave comments here on your thoughts.
befriend me on Myspace here:www.myspace.com/imagineaents
Bookings email imaginea-ents@hotmail.co.uk

Self Promotion complete.

9 August 2008

Surprise Surprise

Well... what did I say in my first post, something about never keeping up with the blogging. Then it is no surprise that this is my first post in over a month.

Alot's been going on, I say alot in the hope that I can think of what's been going on, but I fear it maybe little or nothing and will appear I have just been sitting on my fat arse for the last month, which is true....to an extent.

I have been festivalling it up, Lovebox was ruddy excellent and just had superb weather for it, and the chance to destroy my skull vans with berry juice was just too good to refuse. And I think the Gaymers stage one this year with an excellent line-up which included Lykke Li, Natty and Ebony Bones, who incedently has come so far from when I first saw her at Music is my Boyfriend in 2007.

The Main stage had the delights of Sebastian Tellier I think he only played two songs, they all go on for hours, but very entertaining, lieing on his piano serenading the audience. And Goldfrapp with their Wicker Man themed show, with pagan nymphs suducing the may pole - was slow to start as Alison blasted out the ballards, but soon got the crowd jumping in unision.

Another highlight, and I thank Gill at Heartmedia for taking me into the The Strangelove tent, first to witness the surprise guest appearence from Mylo, then to be amazed by the talented Mr. Beardyman and his live sampling and mash-up and then the act to top it all off..... Midnight Juggernauts

Slap on the fake moustache and off we go into Jonny Woo's lare, or NYC Downlow. Trannys, fanny, bircages and all the neon lights in the world, what more could you want to boogie woogie the afternoon away.

Thanks Lovebox this year was excellent.

20 June 2008

Hedging your bets - Rewind

So, last night was the RWD party,( for those that don't know, RWD is a free magazine in England that is all about upfront UK urban talent.) to celebrate their recent increase distribution through footlocker.

Crammed into the seventh floor of Vertigo London, and yes I am afraid of heights - especially when you consider my height of 6'3", we were treated to doughnut's, free alcohol and some shaking of the "narni". Sadly not Narn's which I mis-read at first and got slightly over excited at the prospect of some asian mothers in sari's shaking their narn breads in my face. "bring on the pashwari"

No, it was more up-front (in every sense of the word) than that. The Narni Shakers, Britains answer to the, erm.... yeah.

"Made famous by Ali G"

Erm, wasn't his Narni shakers big black women with proper bums, and not these skinny white sluts that cover their tits in glitter and pose for calander shots?

I'm sorry RWD but I don't think this was the Up Front british talent we where anticipating.

Thankfully they resuced themselves with the impressive street magician and deviant Damien O'Brian. Impressing the Hedges sisters and Maleena with his slight of hand card tricks and pickpoketing skills, hey I even gave a smile to the camera. And as soon as I have my grubby mits on the video footage, I will let you all know.

RWD then kept up this tempo, bringing in Luciana to perform her one hit Yeah Yeah which really got the dancing started.

Me and my gun finger sister Emma, grinding, bopping and jumping to the hip hop, grime and bassline tunes. RWD had redeemed themselves from the Narni Shakers mistake. And with the goody bag giveaway this night could only get so much better.

Lucy was off dancing with a suit, whose moves resembled that of Fergie and her Barracuda just without the flips...Sadly.

And then, how quickly RWD could lose their crown with the introduction of a hip hop singing cat.... oh... sorry... no, It was a hip hop violin?!

Not just any old violin... NO.

It was a hip hop violin that played along to Michael Jackson.... How very hip hop!

To rescue our hearing we decided to call it a night.

I thank RWD for the party, I had fun.

But next time... less of the narni shaking and violins. More of the upfront talent DAWGS!

I better get ready to work the door at MIMB in Dalston.


19 June 2008

Mystery Whales and Noah Jets

YAY, a little ray of sunshine for my pain filled, wisdom tooth annoyance of a day, has just arrived. Thanks to my ginger ninja, Allan. My Mystery Jet tickets have just arrived for the XFM All Day Breakfast.

Just look at my excitment.

Looks like this butterfly isn't hanging up his wings early this week.

I have also just seen that Noah and the Whale who I have been following since this time last year will be the support act. Happiness factor is now at 12, and I am ready to hit the town tonight with my unique hip hop style dancing. There is no stopping me now... Not even my hamster face.


If this is Wisdom, then I want to be dumb

I didn't get an ounce of sleep last night, not a smidgen. It seems that currently I can't go a week without getting ill. Firstly with a chest infection last week, and this week, one of my wisdom teeth has decided that it's going to show it's pearly white head, and it's going to announce it in style.

So, it left me pondering, whilst staring at my ceeling, how wise do I actually need to be? Infact, What is wisdom? Are third molars really the key to being wise.

As soon as I have worked out the answers to these questions I will let you know.

I may construct a small experiment.

For now I leave you with this genius idea in Birmingham covered by The Guardian

These piano's remind me of a whole term back in Uni of "what is perfromance". If you started playing one of the piano's in Birmingham, would you automatically be performing? and what if no one was watching you?



18 June 2008

emancipation of...

Ok, so the title of this post is sadly stolen from a Mariah Carry album. I do not endorse Mariah and her divalious ways. It just seems to suit, albeit a little cliché, but blogs allow that freedom to express yourself. Kind of like Art but for wordsmiths. Which, you can probably tell from my first couple of sentances that I am no way a wordsmith.

I'm not well know for my blogging skillz as a kitteh might say, I have very short attention span. But, recently inspired by my good friend and workmate Cathy. I am determined to make it atleast to July, and then there will be no stopping me.

And what a great day to start.

So, last night was the UK Product Launch for one of my clients. Now, I am not going to be using this blog to promote products by my clients. A) it is in fact Illegal to use blogs to endorse clients products and B) Surely, if I do my job well enough, you will read about them in the papers / magazines.

Anyways back to the launch.

We had a fantastic turn out and met alot of new people and was great to see the usual faces. And thanks to the wonderful Cathy, who documented the entire night with her trusty cameraphone I have couple of photo's to show you.

Me and my very good friend Amy celebrating our very first guest.

Me and Camellia having a destressing moment.

And the dream team, Myself, Camellia and Cathy.

I'm being a bit of a butterfly this week, with another party tomorrow, thankfully one I am attending. But I will have all the news, gossip and photos for you from my trip to the RWD party.